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Formatting Jinja

sqlfmt loves properly-formatted Jinja, too.

sqlfmt will safely attempt to import the Python code formatter, Black. If it is successful (either because sqlfmt was installed with the jinjafmt extra or because Black was installed separately in the same environment), it will use Black to format the contents of Jinja tags.

If you do not want sqlfmt to use Black to format your Jinja, then specify the --no-jinjafmt flag when running sqlfmt.

Installing sqlfmt with the jinjafmt extra will also install Black. You can do this with pipx install sqlfmt[jinjafmt]. If you want to pin a specific Black version, you should specify that separately, as a direct dependency of your project (in your Pipfile, pyproject.toml, etc.).

If sqlfmt was installed without the jinjafmt extra, and Black is not otherwise installed, then sqlfmt will not attempt to format the contents of Jinja tags, except for enforcing a single space inside each curly.