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Versioning and Stability

sqlfmt is being actively developed, and as version 0 software, anything about the sqlfmt style, operations, or interface may change in the future.

That said, this project conforms to semantic versioning. Patch releases will only fix bugs or add backwards-compatible features, and will not change the Python API or the formatting of files, except under two scenarios:

  1. The previous release introduced a major regression and the patch returns the behavior to the previous and intended behavior, before the regression.
  2. The patch introduces formatting changes in a very small number of scenarios, where the previous formatting was obviously deficient or undesirable.

Accordingly, at least until version 1.0, minor releases may include changes that:

  1. Change the public API
  2. Change the sqlfmt style

All such changes will be communicated via the CHANGELOG, under sections title "Breaking API Changes" and "Formatting Changes", respectively.

At this time, we will not be back-porting any commits in patch releases to older minor releases (PRs welcome).

Evolving the sqlfmt Style

If you would like to make suggestions or otherwise be involved in the future of the sqlfmt style, please start or join a discussion in the project repo.